HCA Bridge to CNA Program

HCA (Home Care Aide) Bridge to NAC (Nursing Assistant Certified)

ProCare Academy recognizes Home Care Aids desire to further their education to a nursing assistant certified (NAC). This course provides the basic understanding and skills required for nursing assistants in today’s healthcare settings.  There are multiple learning opportunities with a comprehensive lecture, hands on practice, and supportive learning environments.  Basic focus includes basic adult and geriatric care, an introduction to pediatric care, and meets all Washington State and OBRA requirements.

Program includes 24 hours of lecture/lab/clinical training.


Registration Fee (non-refundable): $25.00
Tuition $250.00
Textbook & Workbook Hartman’s Nursing Assistant Care: The Basics 4th ed $44.00
Gait Belt $15.00
Grey or Light Grey Scrub Top $15.00

All fees are due and payable before the start of class. The registration fee is non-refundable; see our refund policies about other fees

Equipment Required

  • Shoes – Clean and in good repair (athletic/tennis shoes work great – any color)
  • Watch with a second hand (recommended)
  • Textbooks (Hartman’s Nursing Assistant Care: The Basics 4th ed
  • Gait belt and Scrub Top
  • Current TB (PPD skin test or negative chest X-ray)

HCA Bridge to CNA – Upcoming Class Schedule